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Blogging with Ghost on OpenShift for free

Recently I have decided I want to setup a blog so I have a place where I can share my tips and experiences with technologies and programming and maybe other things. I have got inspired by the Ash Furrow presentation where he encourages other people to share knowledge publicly with others without a fear of being judged.

I had basics requirements. It has to be free, it must be simple and I need to be in charge of my content so I can easily migrate it to wherever I want, no matter what happens.

Picking the right platform

My requirements basically limited options to just a few. Sites like Tumblr, Medium, Blogger and so on were out of a question because somebody else could do whatever they want with my content so I was left with choices like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Jekyll and Ghost. All of them offered everything that I wanted but not all of them were simple enough. At the end I have decided for Ghost, it is a young platform but it is very elegant and simple and compared with WordPress it suffers with less security risks.

Meet OpenShift

Once I have decided for the platform I had to decide where I will host it. I wanted a hosting that is free so it eliminated a service from Ghost. A reason for the free hosting is I don't want introduce a recurrent payment into my budget. Eight dollars per month might not seem a lot but once you project the price for entire year then it is 96 dollars and it is something worthy of consideration and if there a free option, why not to use it?

I remembered a year ago I tried Heroku. They had a free choice that allowed to host one website per month so it was the first choice that I tried but unfortunately after a small research I have discovered they have changed their policy and their free choice is not so good anymore. So I kept digging in memory and I have remembered OpenShift that I have used when I had studied at university.

They have a free plan with up to three applications. It is also PaaS as Heroku so no need to manage Linux and an installation is really easy. You just need to sign in, create an application, search for Ghost, click it, fill a domain and other options and click the create button and that's it! Your blog is running!

You can use Git to get the Ghost application and easily push changes that triggers a deploy. You can also connect to a database from your computer and also use your own domain. So that's it for start. In next posts I will explore Ghost possibilities in more detail.

Tomáš Linhart

Tomáš Linhart

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